Spring Sniffs & Snuggs Event

Spring Sniffs Snuggs

Wave hosted a pet picture day, Spring Sniffs & Snuggs, on April 16th and 17th
with a local nonprofit "We're Here For the Dogs" and "Animal Talk."

Their mission is to raise funds for local rescues, so the rescues can focus on saving the animals. Meaghan Susi was the amazing photographer for the event, and Green Lion Design generously donated the flowers for the backdrop. We were able to raise over $1,000 to support local rescues in the community! Thank you to all that was involved!

Additional Images:
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Spring Sniffs Snuggs  Spring Sniffs Snuggs3

 Spring Sniffs SnugsSpring Sniffs Snugs 2

Spring Sniffs Snugs 3Spring Sniffs Snugs 4Spring Sniffs Snugs 5

Spring Sniffs Snugs 6Spring Sniffs Snugs 7Spring Sniffs Snugs 9

Spring Sniffs Snugs 11Spring Sniffs Snugs 12Spring Sniffs Snugs 13

Spring Sniffs Snugs 19Spring Sniffs Snugs 20Spring Sniffs Snugs 21

Spring Sniffs Snugs 22Spring Sniffs Snugs 23Spring Sniffs Snugs 24

Spring Sniffs Snugs 25Spring Sniffs Snugs 26Spring Sniffs Snugs 27

Spring Sniffs Snugs 34Spring Sniffs Snugs 35

Spring Sniffs Snugs 36Spring Sniffs Snugs 37Spring Sniffs Snugs 38

Spring Sniffs Snugs 39Spring Sniffs Snugs 40Spring Sniffs Snugs 41

Spring Sniffs Snugs 14Spring Sniffs Snugs 16Spring Sniffs Snugs 17Spring Sniffs Snugs 18

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